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I dont know my path…!!!

Question – i am new to the spiritual… i never meditated before and i do not know what my path is…can you help me ?

you think you are new
but you are not new
you may have come here for the first time

but you have been born before and before
you have lived life many timesand even if you are new then that is better
because you are innocent
we can trap you…we can catch you !
we are just joking around here…if you like good jokes…laughing…dancing
then you are in the right place
if you are searching heavy philosophy and analysis of the esoteric
we do not know anything
we do not have time for all these stupid thingswho has got time ?
i am sleeping…eating…dancing…sleeping
who has time for these esoteric questions and all that ?
we are lost…we are completely lost
we do not even bother finding the path
have you seen a drunk looking for the path ?
he does not know what is the path
we are all lost people !

the moment you fall in love
life is so beautiful
you stop looking for the path

the moment you are searching the path
life is missing
those who are living they do not look for the path
they are so involved in life
they do not ask where is the path

you do not know…you are lucky !
do not find any path
because there is no path
there is no past…there is no future

everything is here…be here…enjoy…it is here !
next moment…it is here
another moment…it is still here
wherever you will go…it will be always here

it is very profound
just hang loose…and you are ok
just be here and you will understand slowly
that there is no spiritual path…there is life to live
there is life to absorb and that becomes the path

you drown into it
and you will never find your way back



Excerpted by– Rajneesh